Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wish List File

Two significant things happened to me this week. First, I got my files in order (thank you Kacy Paide of The Inspired Office !) I now have folders for: unemployment, writing, networking, office work samples, and creative work samples. Plus, one more: the Wish List. While most of my files are dedicated to past or current projects, only the Wish List is truly forward looking. In it, I'm placing reminders of the things I want to do when I'm employed again.

And that leads me to the second significant thing that happened this week. I did a Google search on Love Your Layoff, and discovered an endorsement from the poet Jessica Smith on her LookTouchBlog. What really moved me about Jessica's post was her own story of unemployment, having to go stretches of time without a paycheck, and how recently worries about money have slowed her writing.

Jessica's life inspires me in so many ways. Her dedication to writing and publishing poetry is something I never had the guts to try.

My first reaction to her post was anger at the world for not being more supportive of poets. But then I realized that it was not the "world" that needed to be more supportive, it was me. That poetry was something I loved, that I admired Jessica's work, and I hadn't done enough to support it when I was employed.

So, the first item I added to my Wish List file was a copy of Foursquare as a reminder to purchase a subscription when I'm employed again--ditto for 32Poems and Flim Forum press .

Now here's the challenge: if you're unemployed, take a moment to consider what you would like to support when you're employed again. What's really important to you? Who has inspired you? What programs, organizations, artists or writers have changed your life? Then start your file. Perhaps there are ways you can help already. Things that don't cost money, such as volunteering or even writing a nice thank-you note. I guarantee it will make you feel good.

And, if you are employed, maybe there are some organizations and people you can support today. Make a list and act on it.


  1. Katie,
    I love this idea. I mean, even employed I've started a wish list for people/causes I want to support when my debt is under control (and a timeline to get there). It's both wonderful to think of the people you'll be able to help, but also inspiring to see what my own next steps might be. Miss you much! - Karen Neckyfarow

  2. Karen, thanks so much for sharing that! I'm excited for the causes on your list and the next steps in your career. Miss you, too. Keep in touch! K.

  3. Do you know of a website that gives the contact information of people who are wanting to get together with others who offer different business skills?

    For example, I know something about accounting, someone else knows something about marketing, someone else knows something about finance, someone else knows something about MIS or website design, etc. Then once we get one person from each of the traditional business disciplines, we put together a business? If not, let's design that kind of website....

    1. Make it look like a room of tables with five or six chairs.

    2. Each prospective partner would be able to click on people who are already sitting at the table to find out more information about them (their background, expertise, etc.)

    3. Each prospective partner would be able to click on the table to find out if someone's contributed a potential product or service for a business.

    4. Over time, the seats to a table would become filled. People coming later would have to look for other chairs or if the expertise at a table is already taken, create another table and wait by themselves until others come along

    Don't you think this would work well with those who have been laid off?

    The website would become an ENABLING website, in other words...enabling businesses to form from out of nowhere.

    We could even make it geographically-relevant...Start out with a map of the United States, someone could click on their state, their town and then industry "rooms" and then table...

    What do you think? How hard would that be to make that kind of website?


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